'All at Acorns are very caring, interested in each child and supportive' Mrs P. - Rawcliffe

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Acorns Montessori Nursery offers the best in nursery care and education for children from six weeks to 14 years old. Our policies, Ofsted reports and the Nursery Information & Development file are always available for Parents to view; along with their child’s personal folder, which is kept up to date by the child’s key worker.

The Nursery provides a calm, friendly and loving environment with well qualified staff, who are encouraged to do ongoing training to ensure that they keep up to date with all that is new and changing in nursery education. Acorns Montessori has an ‘open door’ policy and provides a welcoming atmosphere for all children and parents.

The nursery rooms are spacious and light and provide all the activities to interest and stimulate the children. We encourage parents to visit when nursery is open, to see and experience for themselves, the wide range of activities that the children can choose from and the calm and interested atmosphere. Activities include all types of artwork such as clay, playdough, printing, cutting, sticking, construction, painting, sewing, as well as water play, sand play, dressing up, small world, books, technology and much more. These activities help the children establish the skills needed to progress, practising these skills and observing their peers will further their learning and enhance their development.

Amber House, Mill Lane, Camblesforth, North Yorkshire, YO8 8HW 
Tel. 01757 617178 or email nursery@acornsmontessori.co.uk