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Our main aim with the two year olds is to help them feel happy and confident when left and to encourage them to play. Much is learned through play with the added benefits of the enjoyment for the child and the social interaction with the staff and other children. Construction toys, for example, may develop motor skills, creative thinking and special concepts. The role play area can develop creativity, language and socialisation, while bead pattern sets can encourage sorting, matching, classifying, counting and logical thinking.

With the three year olds we aim to build on the foundations that have been laid down at home and to work to further a child’s progress through play. This is a very independent age group and we encourage all children at Acorns Montessori to do as much for themselves as possible. They are encouraged to put their own hat, coat and shoes on for outside play and take them off when coming in; to tidy toys away at the end of a play session; to set and clear tables at lunch and snack; to wash and dry up; and to help the younger children when they can.

Amber House, Mill Lane, Camblesforth, North Yorkshire, YO8 8HW 
Tel. 01757 617178 or email nursery@acornsmontessori.co.uk